August 29th, 2005, New Design!

On August 29th, 2005, WooT Industries launched the latest revision of SWWTech is the School Without Walls Technology Department, a group who formed in 2003 to assist in repairing the school’s aging network and computers. SWWTech was originally launched in 2004 to handle the affairs of a basic computer skills class two members of SWWTech were teaching. This latest revision has changed its vision slightly to reflect the changing role of SWWTech within Walls. It now will serve as a portal for students to get to research material and email at school, as well as host a set of tutorials to aid students in learning how to use their computer. The launch marks the end of a summer of work for the WooT team, now leading into a fall of work as the group must now produce a large amount of content for it and other sites they plan to be launching soon.

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